you are going to explore Neural Networks

Neural networks are set of algorithms inspired by the functioning of human brian. Generally when you open your eyes, what you see is called data and is processed by the Nuerons(data processing cells) in your brain, and recognises what is around you. That’s…

explore Convolutional Neural Networks

Check out the lesson1 from Stanford Convolutional Neural networks for visual recognition class to know the History behind Neural Networks.

Check out Beginner intro to Neural Networks before you dig into CNN

Neural networks are set of algorithms inspired by the functioning of human brian. Generally…

In this post we are going to explore RNN’s and LSTM

Recurrent Neural Networks are the first of its kind State of the Art algorithms that can Memorize/remember previous inputs in memory, When a huge set of Sequential data is given to it.

Before we dig into details of Recurrent…

Data cleaning,EDA and Model Building

In this Blog, we are going to see an End to End Project kind thing on Zomato Bangalore Restaurant Descriptive Analytics and Predicting Rating for Each restaurant depends on its facilities and Features that each restaurant provides.

You can download the Dataset from here and…

stylize the images with Neural networks using pytorch

One of the result of Artistic Neural Style transfer

Earlier: The first published paper on neural style transfer used an optimization technique — that is, starting off with a random noise image and making it more and more desirable with every “training” iteration of the neural network.

Rescent: However, the technique…

A Brief Tutorial on Transfer learning with pytorch and Image classification as Example.

This blog post is intended to give you an overview of what Transfer Learning is, how it works, why you should use it and when you can use it.

Transfer learning

Pretrained model


Machine learning models with applications

Machine learning has Several algorithms like

  1. Linear regression
  2. Logistic regression
  3. k-Nearest neighbors
  4. k- Means clustering
  5. Support Vector Machines
  6. Decision trees
  7. Random Forest
  8. Gaussian Naive Bayes

Linear Regression:

Linear regression is most simple and every beginner Data scientist or Machine learning Engineer start with this. Linear regression comes under supervised model where data…

UPDATED 15–02–2019


Quora hosts several individual opinions of their own. Here there are hundreds of opinions and suggestions that help you to become Data scientist.

link here.

It has several resources raning from Free resources, Data science courses, Data science community, Data science tutorials, Data science webinars, Data science podcasts…

Those who are new to data science and machine learning and if you are looking for some guidance and resources to prepare, then this blog is so great one that it had give some nice advice and guidance and also nearly given 2000 resources to prepare mostly for free. …

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